Help Build Toronto's Cycling Network Plan

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The City of Toronto is developing a 10-year plan for expanding and improving the cycling network. Public consultation on the Cycling Network Plan will have two main phases:

  • In Phase 1 the City is looking for feedback on the objectives and criteria for selecting the routes that will form the network.
  • In Phase 2 consultation will be provide an opportunity to comment on a draft network.


A draft list of potential network projects will be analyzed against 8 criteria to ensure that investment is focussed where it will have the most impact.Eight criteria will be used to measure how effective a route would be to:

  • Connecting Existing Routes
  • Extending Coverage
  • Crossing Barriers
  • Responding to Population and Employment Density
  • Meeting Current Demand
  • Recognizing Potential Future Demand
  • Improving Road Safety
  • Servicing Key Trip Generators.

Read more about each criteria on our project webpage Which of the eight network criteria do you think are most important for where you live and cycle? Participate in our Phase 1 Survey now to let us know. Phase 1 consultations will take place April - May, 2015.Phase 2 consultation will be launched in mid-June during Bike Month and will provide an opportunity to comment on a draft network.

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