City Update: Toronto releases geographic information on local COVID-19 cases

 On Wednesday, May 27,  the City released geographic information on COVID-19 cases in Toronto. The maps on the City's website show where those impacted by COVID-19 live, however, they do not necessarily reflect where people were initially exposed to the virus. Areas with lower rates of COVID-19 cases are not necessarily safer and do not pose less of a risk of infection.

What we know for certain is that the socioeconomic determinants of COVID-19 need to be better understood. There is an obvious link between income disparity and the rates of infection in Toronto neighbourhoods. We need to examine this and take preventive action to protect our most vulnerable. I spoke to this at our virtual City Council meeting today and I will continue to advocate for my Ward 7, Humber River-Black Creek and all our residents.
Up-to-date case data and geographic maps can be found on the City’s reporting platform by visiting: COVID-19 Status of Cases in Toronto. I will continue to post updates as soon as they become available.

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