Roundtable Addresses Gun Violence in Jane and Finch Community

Today I convened a roundtable discussion to tackle gun violence within the Jane and Finch community.  Thank you to the law enforcement officials, community leaders, and concerned residents who joined us.  Lots of work to do but we’ll get it done if all hands are on deck.


TORONTO - City Councillor Anthony Perruzza convened a roundtable discussion today to tackle gun violence within the Jane and Finch community. This collaborative effort brought together key stakeholders including law enforcement officials, community leaders and concerned residents, to strategize and implement solutions.

Councilor Perruzza underscored the significance of taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of all residents. "Every member of our community deserves to feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods,” said Perruzza.

In the short term, the community roundtable determined the need for a more visible police presence in the area and better lighting in key locations. The roundtable also decided on the need for more direct work with local youth and community access to space in schools to provide supports for youth and families . Further meetings will take place as the community will continue to collaborate on potential solutions.

Councilor Perruzza emphasized the importance of community engagement in addressing gun violence. "The most powerful thing we can do to end violence in our community is to work together - police, community leaders, and youth must collaborate.  We need all hands on deck,” said Perruzza.


Rachel Scott


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