Right of Entry Bylaw

(Proposed Article V, Right of Entry, of Municipal Code Chapter 363, Building Construction and Demolition)Qs & AsWhat is the Right-of-Entry bylaw?The right-of-entry bylaw allows property owners or occupants to enter the land of the adjoining neighbour in order to make repairs or alterations to any building, fence or other structure on their own land.Is this bylaw new?All former municipalities making up the current City or Toronto had a right-of-entry bylaw, with the exception of North York.Why is this bylaw being introduced to North York now?The main purpose of the new bylaw is to ensure that the entire City of Toronto operates under the same rules concerning right of entry. This promotes fairness and consistency and makes the bylaw easier to administer.What does the bylaw allow?The bylaw grants right to enter adjoining land to make repairs and alterations as long as certain conditions are met, including:Providing reasonable notice (as described in the b ylaw);Entering the land at reasonable times;Accessing the land only to the extent necessary to carry out the repairs and alterations;Having to bring back the land to its original condition; andProviding compensation for any damages caused by the entry or the work.Can a neighbour still come onto a property if permission is denied?Provided

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