Tour de University Heights Bike Race- Caribean Newsletter

Tour de University Heights Bike RaceTo Be The First Official Road Race In Toronto In 20 YearsSeptember 27 - The First Annual Tour de University Heights bike race for youth and adults will be taking place at Driftwood Avenue and Jane Street between 9am and 4pm, with the Celebrity Challenge taking place at noon, Saturday, September 29, 2007. As the first official road race in Toronto in 20 years focus is on expanding the reach of the sport to youth from priority neighbourhoods across the City of Toronto and promoting a healthy lifestyle.The Tour de University Heights is hosted by City of Toronto – Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department in conjunction with 31 Division Police, Toronto Fire Services and Toronto City Councillor Anthony Perruzza. Through the help of sponsors 110 bikes and helmets have been distributed to lower income youth aged 10 to 18 participating in the event. Free competitive training has been underway since mid-summer for racers with hopes of expanding the sponsorship program in the years to come. The race will honour George Terry, a Trinidadian born Canadian Elite Class (Division A) cyclist who won over 215 top-three finishes before passing away in 2005.The Tour de University Heights bike race will showcase the talent hidden in Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods and build our communities by reaching to our youth and engaging them in a healthy way. “The Tour de University Heights is a new beginning, I am excited about youth from across the City taking back the streets in their neighbourhoods” says Councillor Perruzza.

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