MRAB Program to Protect Tenants

The MRAB program has audited 408 buildings since 2008, finding almost 13000 building deficiencies, but there is still more work to do.

Dear Residents,Tenants deserve to live in dignity, in places that are clean and safe. I am continuing to work to build an audit system that protects tenants in multi-residential units from the worst landlords.You can see my latest motion at the following link:,Anthony PerruzzaCity of Toronto CouncillorYork West – Ward 8-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Many rental buildings in the City of Toronto are not maintained up to standards. As part of the work of the Licensing and Standards Committee, Councillor Perruzza has worked hard to start a program to pro-actively audit buildings.On December 1, 2008, the City of Toronto launched its MRAB audit and enforcement program which, as part of its initial one-year phase, was to provide inspection and enforcement action on 176 of the City's rental buildings. Details of the program in 2010 are available in the staff report received by Executive Committee on February 1, 2010.Many more buildings have been audited since then. 25buildings in total in Ward 8 will have been audited by the end of 2011.Click HERE to see which buildings have been audited in Ward 8.Click HERE for more information about the program.

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