Tunneling Progressing for Subway Construction

This October the Tunnel Boring Machine “Moley” began tunnel ling operations from the advanced launch shaft at the Sheppard West Station site and is headed towards our Finch West Station site. “Moley” can tunnel or “bore” up to 15 metres a day. “Moley” is anticipated to reach the Finch West Station site in early 2012. “Holey”, the first Tunnel Boring Machine, is already driving north will be arriving at the Finch West Station site later this winter. “Holey” has just completed the milestone of crossing under Sheppard Avenue West at Tuscan Gate.Follow this link for updates:http://www3.ttc.ca/Spadina/Plan_your_Trip/Construction_Activity_Maps/Downsview-Sheppard/index.jsp

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