TTC Cuts Hurt Ward 8

See link for service cuts to the TTC, including cuts to the Jane bus, the Keele bus, the Steeles Ave W bus and the Sheppard Ave W bus:Click HereSee link for fare increases for the coming year:Click HereThe change in administration has cost our community a major investment on Finch Avenue. The now abandoned Transit City Plan would have provided an east-west rapid transit line along Finch Avenue to deal with the gridlock on this busy avenue. We need to make Finch Avenue work for both cars and transit users. Instead of major transit improvements we now have face service cuts.Click on the following link to sign the petition have the TTC stop these cuts: following is a list of all the bus line service cuts that will take effect on January 8th, 2012.35 Jane -AM Peak                      -3 Bus TripsPM Peak                      -4 Bus TripsSun Morning                -2 Bus TripsSun Afternoon            -2 Bus Trips41 Keele -AM Peak                      -3 Bus TripsM-F Midday                -1 Bus TripsPM Peak                      -3 Bus TripsM-F Late Evening        +1 Bus TripsSat Morning                 -2 Bus TripsSat Afternoon                 -2 Bus TripsSat Late Evening        +1 Bus Trips84 Sheppard West-M-F Midday               -1 Bus TripsSat Afternoon             -1 Bus Trips60 Steeles West-AM Peak                     -1 Bus TripsM-F Midday                -2 Bus TripsM-F Late Evening       + 1 Bus TripsSat Morning                 -1 Bus TripsSun Morning                -1 Bus Trips---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Find out more:"Only a few seconds more" - Find out how the changes will have a great effect on serviceTransit guru Steve Munro describes what the changes will mean to the system. Pharaoh’s decree stalls Finch transitRoyson James weighs in on what is happening with the Finch transit planClick HereVideo from the Planning and Growth Committee debate on Finch Avenue WestAnthony Perruzza speaks to Planning and Growth Committee on the importance of improving transit on Finch Ave West.Click HereFollow the link below to see what the original Finch plan was:Click Here

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