Hello all you are all invited to participate with your group in Break Away Relief Care's seventh annual Peace Love & Unity walk, to stop the violence and remember all the youth we have lost as a result of gun violence or a violent crime. We are inviting  you to sponsor and support the walk. As a sponsor you can send your logo to Break Away Relief Care which will make up a community banner, which will represent a peaceful community. We kindly ask that you donate to the cause. Please Phone for information on requested donation items. This year the theme is Peace is in Prison is Out ( Focusing On Prevention).The walk continues to maintain the same route. The date is June 9th and the assembly time is 11.30 Am. The walk will commence at 12.30pm from Jane and Sheppard  Price Chopper walking to Jane and Finch Mall. Every one is invited to participate. We will have free refreshments available.If you need any other information. Feel free to contact Sharon Joseph, Andre Douglas or Jewel Rigault at 416-635-1457. We thank every one for walking with us to stop the violence and to save our youth from guns, gangs and violence.  Please contact us in regards to putting your logo on the banner. The banner is quickly filling up. Don't be left out from your community participation.Please send out to all community partners. Thank youJewel RigaultVolunteer [email protected]

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