Basement Flooding Protection Program

Basement Flooding Protection Program Sewer and Watermain Replacements

 As part of the Basement Flooding Protection Program, the City of Toronto will be modifying and upgrading the storm and sanitary sewer system. Find out more about this project.Here is a list of the construction locations:

  • Fallingdale Crescent from Ikley Road to Hucknall Road – storm sewer upgrades and sanitary sewer storage
  • Ikley Road between both entrances off of Fallingdale Avenue – storm sewer upgrades
  • Broadoaks Drive from Roskell Crescent (west entrance) to Hucknall Road – storm sewer upgrades
  • Roskell Crescent – storm sewer upgrades
  • Hucknall Road from Madron Crescent to Sentinel Road – storm sewer upgrades
  • Sentinel Road from Hucknall Road to Grandravine Drive – storm sewer upgrades
  • Grandravine Drive from Sentinel Road to Northwood Park (entrance west of Sentinel) – storm sewer upgrades
  • Grandravine Drive between Futura Drive and Ollerton Road – storm sewer upgrades
  • Northwood Park – storm sewer upgrades and sanitary sewer storage

This project will also involve replacing the watermain on Grandravine Drive from Driftwood Avenue to Keele Street as part of the Watermain Replacement Program and the addition of a left hand turning lane on Grandravine Drive at Keele Street.


Construction Details

Schedule:  Construction is expected to take place from April 2013 to September 2014.The construction of the storm and sanitary sewers will involve trench excavation within the roadway, installation of new storm and sanitary sewer pipes, reconnection of any existing sewer services, addition of high capacity catch basins, and reconstruction of the existing outfall in Northwood Park.This project will also involve replacing the watermain on Grandravine Drive from Driftwood Avenue to Keele Street, including replacing the City-owned portion of the water service. Any water services identified during construction that are not up to the current City standard will also be replaced. For further information about water service replacement see the attached Fact Sheet.Grandravine Drive, at the intersection with Keele Street will also be widened as part of this construction contract to allow for the addition of a left hand turning lane from Grandravine Drive on to Keele Street. 

Common Questions/Answers Regarding Construction

  1. 1.       When will construction begin? When will construction end? When will construction activity take place near my property?

The expected start and end dates for construction are communicated to the community via public and construction notices that are delivered to all nearby homes and businesses prior to the start of construction. The contractor's daily schedule can be obtained through the Basement Flooding Protection Program Field Ambassador

  1. 2.       Who is the Basement Flooding Protection Program (BFPP) Field Ambassador?  When should I contact the Field Ambassador?

The Field ambassador for this project is Shakha Vasdani and he can be reached at 416-338-5497. The Field Ambassador is a dedicated staff person whose role is to communicate directly with local residents and businesses concerning the construction work.  If you have questions and/or concerns at any time about the construction work, you can contact the Field Ambassador and he will work with the contractor and City staff to respond to your question and resolve issues in a timely manner. The field ambassador frequently visits the construction site and wears a brightly coloured blue vest so that he is easily identifiable to residents.

  1. 3.       There is construction near my home, but not directly in front of it. Will this construction still alleviate my basement flooding problems?

Although construction may not occur directly in front of your home, the upgraded sewers have been designed to provide basement flooding protection benefits to the larger community.

  1. 4.       Where is my water service lateral located? Will it be replaced during construction?

Your water service runs from the City's watermain towards your house.  The location of this water service varies from property to property, and will be individually located as needed. As par t of this construction project, the City will be replacing the portion of the water service that runs from the watermain up to your property line if it is deemed to be substandard.

  1. 5.       Who is the company doing the Pre-Condition home inspections? Are they a legitimate organization?

The inspection company is hired by the contractor on behalf of the City of Toronto and the company's name will be listed on the Construction Notices. Yes, they are legitimate organizations.

  1. 6.       Are the Pre-Condition home inspections mandatory? What will the company inspect?

The Pre-Condition home inspections are on a voluntary basis. The company will inspect the condition of the exterior and interior of the property and this information is only available to the resident and the City of Toronto and ONLY in the event that a claim is made against the City.

  1. 7.       Why wasn’t my home inspected for a Pre-Condition inspection?

Your home was possibly not inspected prior to construction because you may be outside the impact zone of 30 meters. Please contact the Field Ambassador if you would like to discuss this issue.

  1. 8.       The construction area is very dusty. Can you please sweep/wet the streets more often?

We will do our best to keep the area clean, but some dust/dirt is to be expected within the site until construction is complete.

  1. 9.       Why do trees need to be removed? Why is the tree in front of my home being removed but not my neighbours? When will the trees be removed?

Trees sometime need to be removed in order to facilitate construction activity. Particular trees impede construction activity while others do not; thus, trees that will impede construction activity need to be removed. If the construction activity is expected to adversely affect the health of a tree, the tree will be removed for safety reasons. Trees will be removed prior to excavation in the roadway during the given timeline on the Construction Notice. The removed trees will be replaced once construction is completed, and within the growing season (May to October).

  1. 10.   What tree species will be replanted on my property? Will I get a choice of the type of tree that is planted? Will tree stumps be removed?

Residents in most cases will NOT have a choice in the type of tree that is planted; this will be decided by the City of Toronto, Urban Forestry Department. Tree stumps will be removed at the end of construction, prior to replanting.

  1. 11.   My Rogers/BELL cable was disrupted but they are not coming for repairs. What should I do?

We take every precaution to avoid impacting Bell or Rogers services but unforeseen events can occur that may result in disruptions, however in that event this does occur the resident should contact the BFPP hotline and talk to the Field Ambassador. He will inform the contractor that your cable service has been disrupted. The contractor will contact Rogers/BELL cable on your behalf. However, we also strongly recommend you contact Rogers/BELL cable on your own, as they respond slowly to construction companies who do not possess your account information.

  1. 12.   Will there be permanent restoration of the boulevard, curb, and my driveway? When will permanent restoration take place?

Boulevards, curbs and driveways will be permanently restored if they were impacted by the Basement Flooding Protection Program (BFPP) construction activities. Restoration works will be completed at the conclusion of construction. Restoration of landscaping will take place within the growing season, so if construction ends in January then restoration will not take place until May. Road and curb restoration will not be completed between December and March 31 due to weather constraints. If temporary restoration of the roadway was completed as part of the BFPP construction program, please contact the City of Toronto at 311, and speak to Transportation/Road Services to receive an updated permanent restoration schedule for your street.

  1. 13.   Why is the road uneven after the BFPP construction was completed?

If the road is uneven due to BFPP construction, we will look into the matter, however, if the condition existed prior to BFPP construction, please contact the City of Toronto at 311 and speak to Transportation/Road Services so they can investigate the condition of the road in front of your home.

  1. 14.   The sod that was installed in the boulevard adjacent to my house has died; will the contractor re-sod the boulevard?

The contractor is responsible for the care and maintenance of the sod for a designated period of time after the sod has been laid. Towards the end of the warranty period, the City will inspect the condition of the trees and sod that have been installed.  If the sod dies within the warranty period, the contractor is responsible for replacing the sod.  After the contractor's warranty period, the contractor will not be responsible for re-sodding the boulevard.

  1. 15.   If I feel there has been damage to my property due to the construction, what do I do?

You must contact the Field Ambassador so he can record your damage claim and send a formal claim to the contractor. The Field Ambassador and contractor will arrange for a post-condition survey of your property to assess your claim.

  1. 16.   I do not agree with the contractor’s assessment of the damage to my property, what else can I do?

You may file a claim with the City of Toronto’s Clerks Department.  If a member of the public wants to claim against the City of Toronto for an injury or damage to their property, they should put their claim in writing and to submit it immediately to:

City Clerk's Office - ClaimsCity Hall100 Queen Street West1st Floor, NorthToronto, OntarioM5H 2N2 ORFax: 416-392-1867 ORE-mail: [email protected]

The claim letter should include:

  • date and location of the incident
  • details of what happened
  • names of City staff involved
  • the damages that arose.

If you have any further questions regarding the Claims process please direct them to the City's Claims Inquiry Line: 416-397-4212   

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