Cyclists can help create infrastructure using Toronto Cycling App

The Toronto Cycling App is a new, free smartphone application that will enable cyclists to contribute to the future of cycling infrastructure in Toronto.

About the App

Developed by Brisk Synergies for the City of Toronto, the app will allow cyclists to record their cycling routes and provide this data to the City.  The data will be part of the toolkit used to help inform the City's data collection and analysis when developing new cycling network plans. Toronto is beginning work on a new Cycling Plan that will expand on the City's existing 570 kilometre cycling network.  This new Cycling Plan will be presented to Toronto City Council in 2015.The data will also assist the City in monitoring cycling patterns over time as cycling infrastructure is evaluated, improved and expanded.

How to Use the App

The Toronto Cycling app uses GPS on a smartphone to record a cyclist's trip information such as the route taken and the length of the trip.  When beginning their trip, cyclists simply press "start" in the app and press "stop" after their trip is completed.Cyclists can also complete a user survey found within the app. It's optional and help us understand different people's cycling preferences.Trip information including purpose, route, date and time will be analyzed to assist in determining high demand corridors used by cyclists, identifying neighbourhood links and getting a better sense of how cyclists adapt to changes to cycling infrastructure over time.Users can cancel a trip at any time and route information will not be transmitted unless explicitly directed by the user. 

App features
  • GPS Route Mapping
  • Real-time Stats- average, current, max speed and distance during trip
  • Calories Burned
  • Greenhouse Gas Offset

 All information is collected anonymously to protect the privacy of users.  This includes information such as the speed, route, origin, destination and any demographic information entered by the user.

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