Registration for City of Toronto Spring and Summer Recreation Programs March 10th at 7 AM


The City of Toronto offers fun and affordable recreation programs for all ages, skill levels and interests. Registration for spring and summer recreation programs including summer camps begins at 7 a.m. on, March 10 in North York.

Many programs fill up quickly, so be sure to register starting at 7 a.m. on registration day.

How do I Register?

Step 1: Get family and client numbers

To sign up for recreation programs, Toronto residents will need a family number and client numbers for each member of the family. Before registration day, call 416-338-4386 or speak with staff at a City community centre to get these numbers.

Step 2: Choose programs

To find out about and choose programs, visit or look in the FUN Guide program listings found at City Hall, civic centres, community centres and libraries. Residents are encouraged to have a few program choices for each person in case the preferred program is full.

Step 3: Register

Registration starts at 7 a.m. Many programs fill up quickly. The majority of registrations are processed on the first day for each district, and approximately 70 per cent of the total daily registrations are processed within the first hour. Be sure to have all information and payment options ready.

There are four ways to register:

- Online: On the web at Registering online is the quickest and easiest way to sign up for programs.

- By phone: Touch Tone Registration (TTR) at 416-338-0000.

- Operator assisted: Call 416-338-4386 to register through a customer service representative.

- In person: Register in person at select locations. For a list of these locations, visit, call 311 or speak to staff at a City community centre.

What if I can no longer attend the program I've registered for?

Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs are popular and many have waiting lists. If you are unable to attend the program you registered for, contact your local community centre or call 416-338-4386 so the spot can be offered to someone else.

Does the city provide any financial help if I cannot afford a program?

The City of Toronto offers a yearly credit called the Welcome Policy for residents with low incomes that can be used to register for City recreation programs. Anyone receiving social assistance (Ontario Works) and living in Toronto is pre-approved to receive this credit – talk to your caseworker. More information about the yearly credit is available at

Many community centres offer free recreation programs, including leisure swimming, skating, drop-in programs and more for children, youth and older adults. Older adults (60+ years) who register for adult programs receive a 50 per cent discount. More information about free and low-cost program options is available at

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