Tory urged to stop ‘behind-thescenes' Olympics talks

TORONTO - At least one city councillor is calling out Mayor John Tory’s behind-the-scenes Olympic discussions.Anthony Perruzza issued a public letter Wednesday urging Tory to hold a special council meeting to consider whether or not Toronto should bid on hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics.“Transparency and accountability is needed with respect to the City of Toronto’s interest in the 2024 Olympics,” Perruzza wrote to Tory. “It is a mistake on your part to continue to have ‘behind the scene conversations’ with folks without council direction, while the deadline for sending a letter expressing interest in an Olympic bid slowly and surely slips away.“A possible Olympic bid is of such importance and interest to our city that it requires city council consideration.”Perruzza — who thinks the city should move ahead with a bid — said he hasn’t heard back from the mayor about his letter requesting a council debate.“I don’t understand on what basis, on what authority he believes that he singularly has a right to make a decision on this matter. I’ve never seen that before,” he told the Sun.“I guess if you’re the premier of Ontario you can quietly consult your cabinet and then make a decision and later have that decision ratified by the parliament that you dominate. But our level of government doesn’t operate that way. We do our business in public.”For the full article please visit:

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