Gas Line Relocation for Finch West Light Rail Transit

The Finch West LRT is an 11km light rail transit (LRT) line running along Finch Avenue West between Keele Street and Humber College. The Finch West LRT will replace 35 peak period buses, increasing capacity and reliability of service along the route, and significantly reduce travel times for transit users on the corridor.What work is taking place?What: As part of the preparatory works for the project, Enbridge Gas Distribution (Enbridge) will be relocating natural gas mains along the Finch West LRT route.Why: To accommodate the construction of the new Finch West LRT, Enbridge is required to relocate natural gas pipelines lower within the roadway to allow for an appropriate depth beneath the proposed track-bed.When: Starting as early as February 2017, crews will begin to occupy a section of the roadway on Finch Avenue West at Sentinel Road. The work zone will shift within this intersection as crews trench and install the new gas lines at a lower depth. The eastbound and westbound lanes will be affected independently. It is expected this work will take approximately one month to complete. Some work may be rescheduled due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.Transit InformationTTC bus stops will not be affected.Traffic DetailsDuring construction hours, lane reductions may be required.Please take care when travelling near construction areas. Pedestrian walkways will remain open. Please watch for additional signs directing pedestrians as detours may be required.Due to the current volume of traffic in this area, traffic delays are expected during construction.Work HoursMost of the work will be carried out between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., 7 days a week. In certain situations, some late night and/or early morning work may be required to complete the work and keep construction moving. The Enbridge contractor will not always work during the extended hours, but may do so at its discretion.For more information about this gas line relocation work, please contact Enbridge at 416-495-4809 or [email protected] information regarding the Finch West LRT project and its construction, please contact Joanna Hui atMetrolinx at 416-202-4634 or [email protected]

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