Tenants help shape future of Toronto Community Housing

Thirteen Torontonians have been selected to form the first Tenants First Resident Advisory Panel (RAP) to help shape the future of Toronto Community Housing. The panel members are tenants of Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) properties who will help City staff make recommendations to Council regarding the future of TCHC and the non-profit housing sector in Toronto.The RAP held its first meeting in February and will continue to meet throughout the one-year term of the panel. Members will provide advice and guidance on each phase of the Tenants First Implementation Plan, which is currently in development.The creation of the RAP was part of City Council's direction on the Tenants First report in July 2016. More than 220 residents applied to be a member of the panel. Applicants were interviewed and selected by the project team and Maytree, a charitable organization. They represent the diversity of tenants who live in Toronto Community Housing.In addition to creating and working with the RAP, the Tenants First project team continues to meet with stakeholders. The input received from residents, advocates, community partners and experts from the housing sector will inform an upcoming report to Executive Committee. This report, planned for June, will include the first phase of a long-term plan for implementing the recommendations from the Tenants First Report."After living in Toronto Community Housing for over 20 years, it is great to participate in an authentic, collective dialogue, while establishing platforms for unheard voices," said Ingrid Palmer, member of the RAP. "I look forward to representing the powerful potential of TCHC residents."Profiles of the RAP members, the Tenants First staff report and regular updates on the activities of the Tenants First project are available on the City of Toronto website at http://www.toronto.ca/tenantsfirst.

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