Toronto City Council unanimously adopts Tenants First – Phase 1 Implementation Plan

The Tenants First – Phase 1 Implementation Plan was first reviewed by Executive Committee on June 19. The plan contains a total of 11 recommendations, of which three are key recommendations:• The creation of a new Seniors Housing and Services entity that is more directly accountable to City Council and is responsible for managing 83 seniors-designated buildings (approx. 14,000 units) currently within the TCHC portfolio.• A process to better focus TCHC on serving the needs of families, youth, vulnerable tenants and seniors living in mixed buildings.• A proposed new funding model to ensure adequate funding for both TCHC and the proposed new Seniors Housing and Services entity.A copy of the Phase 1 Implementation Plan is available at Tenants First Project Team was established to continue the work of the Tenants First report and has been guiding the Tenants First Implementation Plan. A 13-member Tenant Advisory Panel was created to share lived experience, knowledge and advice in the development of the plan. Input and feedback on phase 1 was also sought from Toronto Community Housing, the non-profit sector, TCHC tenants, City staff and others.The Implementation Plan is aligned with the Toronto Seniors Strategy, Housing Opportunities Toronto Today, TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy, Toronto Youth Equality Strategy, Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020, and Toronto Newcomer Strategy.The Tenants First Project Team and TCHC will begin work immediately to implement phase 1 of the plan. The Project Team has committed to submitting phase 2 of the Implementation Plan to City Council in Fall 2017. Funding requirements for phase 1 of the plan will be submitted as part of the 2018 budget process.Link to EX 26.2 - Tenant First - Phase 1 Implementation Plan:

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