Torontonians invited to share their views on strategy for protecting the city's bees and other pollinators

The City of Toronto is inviting members of the public to share their views on a proposed pollinator protection strategy for Toronto. The purpose of the strategy is to identify actions that can be taken by the City and the community to protect, enhance and create habitat for Toronto's pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Residents can share their views by completing an online survey, launched this week to commemorate Pollinator Week in Toronto.The draft strategy, developed in conjunction with expert stakeholders and concerned residents, proposes a series of short-term and long-term actions that will help to protect and sustain healthy pollinator populations in Toronto.Toronto is home to more than 360 species of bees and more than 100 species of butterflies and other pollinators. Some species are in decline due to habitat loss and other stressors. Once a species is lost from an area, it is difficult to re-introduce.The Toronto Pollinator Protection Strategy will be finalized later this year and form part of the City's broader Biodiversity Strategy.Residents can learn more about the strategy and complete the survey online at The survey will be available until September 29.

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