CEC Catalyst Grant 2017-2018 - Call For Proposals


The York U-TD Community Engagement Centre offers Community Engagement Catalyst Grants to support creative and innovative collaborations between community partners and York University. Projects will meet demonstrated Black Creek community need(s) and align with one or more of the CEC’s core functional areas. The CEC Mandate

The York University-TD Community Engagement Centre supports the University’s commitment to build a more engaged university by facilitating mutually-beneficial collaborations between York University and the Black Creek community.Core Functional AreasThe CEC is a pan-university resource centre situated in the Black Creek community that:a. Fosters academic innovation in teaching and learning through community engaged pedagogy and experiential education opportunitiesb. Supports post-secondary educational attainment among community residents and the development of academic pathwaysc. Enhances capacity of York faculty/students and community partners to work collaboratively on community-based researchCatalyst Grants are intended to provide start-up funding for innovative collaborations between York University and the community. Pilot projects are welcome but for those projects that plan to continue, alternate sources of ongoing funding will need to be identified. Successful projects will be provided with some initial partnership development and project coordination support from the CEC.Eligible ApplicantsThe Community Engagement Catalyst Grant is designed to support a project that involves at least one community (Black Creek) partner working together with one York University partner. Partnership, for purposes of this grant, is expected to be more developed than just signing off in support of the grant. It should involve shared planning, implementation and reporting of the project. 2 Any organization or organized resident group in the Black Creek community, or any faculty member or unit of York University is eligible to apply as the lead applicant for a Catalyst Grant. The CEC can assist in identification of appropriate partners if you have an idea but are unsure of a partner.Grant AllocationsGrants are intended to provide one-time, project start-up funding up to a maximum of $10,000. Please note that most grants will be approximately $5,000 or less. The number of and amount of grants are dependent on the amount of funding available each year and the quality of grant applications received. The grants can cover a broad range of ideas that respond to community need and align with CEC priorities. Successful grant applicants will demonstrate potential for positive impact on community wellbeing in the Black Creek community and ability of applicants to successfully complete the project.For illustration purposes, a few project examples are listed below:• A needs assessment conducted to identify professional development needs of front-line workers in Black Creek• A participatory research project that involves York faculty/graduate students and community residents focused on barriers to postsecondary education• An educational outreach program to encourage science/engineering studies among community youth• An analysis of Black Creek transit needs in preparation of the subway extending to York University ProcessCompleted applications will be reviewed by the York-TD Community Engagement Centre Advisory Committee. This advisory committee is made up of university and community members who provide guidance to the over-all work of the CEC. For more information about the Advisory Committee please see www.yorku.ca/cec. Advisory Committee members will not respond to any inquiries regarding the application process.To the extent possible, grants approved over a given year will represent all three CEC core functional areas. Applications will be accepted until September 4th 2017. Please note that projects must be completed by March 31, 2018. The first installment of funds will be early October. Interested applicants must submit a project proposal (3 pages maximum). The proposal will include:1. Contact details for lead applicanta. Nameb. Titlec. Organization/Departmentd. Addresse. Phone Numberf. Email2. Contact details for partner applicanta. Nameb. Titlec. Organization/Departmentd. Addresse. Phone Numberf. Email3. Description of project and project goal and outcomes (max.250 words)4. Anticipated work plan (with key project milestones and dates)5. How do you plan to let the community know about the outcomes of your project?6. CEC core functional area(s) to be addressed by the project (Check ones that apply. See above for full description of functional areas.)o Experiential Education o Community Based Research o Access to Education 7. Budget8. Related experience and track record of applicants, and how each partner will contribute to the success of the project (max. 250 words)9. Completed proposal signed by both partners General TermsEighty percent (80%) of the grant allocation will be distributed at the beginning of the initiative and the remaining 20% will be given upon completion of the project and final report submission. • York University and the York-TD CEC will be recognized in any materials produced.• Copies of any resulting research will be made available at the CEC.Eligible costs include: project-related expenses, short-term staffing costs, honoraria, transportation etc. • Non-eligible costs: deficit reduction, non-project related costs, capital/construction costs, funding for individuals, fundraising events, grants to a third party and computer/media equipment.• Time period: The project grants will be decided by end of September and will be completed and reported on by March 31, 2017. Final Report Templates will be distributed once the project has been approved.• All decisions will be documented in meeting minutes of the Advisory Committee. For More InformationPlease contact the CEC at [email protected] or 416-736-5980 for more information and to discuss your idea. We strongly encourage you to discuss your idea prior to submitting a formal application. York University-TD Community Engagement CentreSuite 232A, 1 Yorkgate Blvd,Toronto, ON M3N 3A1416-736-5980www.yorku.ca/cec[email protected] 

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