Open Letter to the Minister of Transportation

Dear Minister,I am writing to ask why the Government of Ontario, through Metrolinx that reports to you as the Minister of Transportation, is planning to close the existing York University Go Station in my ward while finding money to open the new Kirby Station.The York University Go Station (on the Barrie Line), just south of Steeles Avenue West) was opened to serve the 60,000 students, faculty and staff at York University, the 22,000 employees working in the northern section of the Duke Heights BIA employment district, and thousands more just north of Steeles in York Region. This station could better serve these 82,000+ people by spending a small fraction of the $100 million being allocated to the Kirby station.Toronto City Council, on February 3, 2016, unanimously requested that the York University Go Station be kept open with minor improvements (by providing access to the east side of the station) so as to achieve its maximum usage. While a new GO station is opening at Downsview Park Station, it will not serve the above mentioned 82,000+ as effectively as the current York University GO Station does.I, the York University community, the Duke Heights BIA, and the City of Toronto eagerly await your reply that the Ontario Government will keep and improve the York University Go Station to maximize its potential to the community it serves. To my knowledge, the Ontario Government has never closed a Go Station. Do not do so now!Sincerely,Anthony PerruzzaCity of Toronto Councillor

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