The City's ActiveTO Plan & CurbTO Program

ActiveTO Plan:Mayor John Tory has announced the launch of the ActiveTO plan, which is being developed by Toronto Public Health and Transportation Services to provide more space for pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders alike. This will allow for better and safer physical distancing as part of the city's restart and recovery plan.While the City of Toronto remains focused on fighting COVID-19 and continuing to provide the essential services that both residents and businesses require, the City is also planning ahead. With warmer weather approaching, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa’s, advice to residents is to continue to stay at home as much as possible, and to avoid rushing out and encouraging people to gather. This advice has saved lives so far, and that remains the main objective.To prepare for changes in traffic flow in the coming weeks and months, the Mayor and City Council requested staff look at more active transportation options as an important part of the restart and recovery process. People will need to go outside and they should be able to access safe spaces while maintaining their distance from others. Not everyone has a backyard or park close to home. ActiveTO is about making sure pedestrians, cyclists and transit users are able to get some fresh air and exercise while following the rules. More updates to come.Creating Quiet StreetsThere will be routes with traffic calming measures designated for local car traffic only. This will create space for pedestrians and cyclists. The opening target will be 50 kilometres of quiet streets.Major Streets for Active TransportationTransportation Services and Toronto Public Health recommend closing some major roads that run next to trails or recreational attractions where crowding has been noted. These would include some locations with complete closures to all car traffic and some recurring short-term road closures on weekends and holidays. Staff will be monitoring these areas and will make adjustments as necessary.Expanding the Cycling NetworkAs the restart and recovery plan gets underway, it will be important to have more bike lanes in order to allow for people to get from point a to point b on their bicycles. This means that the ActiveTO plan will include expanding the Cycling Network Plan. Staff will install temporary active transportation lanes, including bikeways that mirror popular TTC routes. CurbTO Program:The City's CurbTO program is continuing to be rolled out to target hot spots on sidewalks and streets, including areas of crowding near essential businesses. Grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and community service providers are increasingly offering pick-up, take-out and delivery options. Over 21 CurbTO pedestrian curb lane and temporary parking pickup zones have been put in place and staff aim to install zones at more than 100 hotspots in the near future in order to reinforce safe physical distancing measures. More updates to come.Businesses can apply and learn more about eligibility criteria and program guidelines at:

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