Period Product Drop-Off

Period poverty is a serious and underrepresented issue in Canada, affecting 1 in 4 Canadian menstruators under 25. My office is partnering with a youth-led organization, The Bloom Red Project, to help fight period poverty and stigma here in Ward 7.We are putting together a menstrual product donation drive to help get menstrual products to women, girls, and menstruators in the community. These valuable hygiene products will be distributed through the local Society for the Living Food Bank.There are a few ways to get involved:- You can leave the Bloom Red Project a monetary donation at: You can drop off period products (any little bit counts) at Driftwood Park, 44 Tobermory Dr. on Thursday, July 8th between 4 pm - 8 pm. - No appointments are necessary; drive/walk over and bring them! There will be volunteers on hand and visible to process your donations. Look for the Anthony Perruzza flag.- There will be a cash box on site for donations as well; all proceeds will go to menstrual products via The Bloom Red Project.If you have any questions, please get in touch with my Constituency Assistant, Ayesha Khan at [email protected] or (647)-771-2395.

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