33 Walsh Ave


UPDATE:  33 Walsh Ave Development

Dear Resident,

I would like to update on the status of the development proposal at 33 Walsh Ave.

Following our second community meeting held October 4, 2023, the applicant appealed this development to the Ontario Land Tribunal (Court).

I believed at the community meeting that we were making some headway with the applicants. City staff and the Developer’s consultant took us through the latest proposal.  Many members of the community and I raised many very serious and reasonable concerns regarding the project:

  • The proposal is far too dense for the site.
  • The buildings being proposed are too tall.
  • The proposal is not at all compatible with the existing neighbourhoods to the north of Walsh Ave.
  • Although there is a proposal for a park, it is poorly located in the plan.
  • The plan is poorly organized and it has a lack of public access and public roads.
  • Insufficient local infrastructure for the proposal such as roads and sewers.
  • Lack of public amenities locally including schools, shopping, libraries, parks and social services.

In order to address these concerns and ensure continued community input into the proposal I suggested that a community working group be established to work with the City of Toronto Planning Staff.  The Developer has, regretfully, decided to appeal their project to the Ontario Land Tribunal. This is a Provincial Planning Court whose decisions supersede those of Toronto City Council, effectively removing us as a community from being able to weigh in on this development proposal.

On the following page I have summarized the history of activities for the application and included the key contacts on this application, should you wish to stay connected for further information.  I will continue to keep you up to date as soon as there are further developments with respect to this project at 33 Walsh Ave.


Anthony Perruzza
City of Toronto Councillor
Ward 7, Humber River - Black Creek

33 Walsh Ave Development Application Key Contacts

Ontario Land Tribunal
Ryan Co
Case Coordinator/Planner
[email protected]

City of Toronto
Jennifer Renauld
Senior Planner
[email protected]

History of Application Proposed for 33 Walsh Ave:

  1. March 10, 2022 – Application submitted to City of Toronto.
  2. September 22, 2022 – Application deemed complete by the City, meaning application meets the City's minimum requirements. Under Provincial legislation, 90 days following this date developers are able to appeal their application to the Ontario Land Tribunal.
  3. December 13, 2022 – Councillor led Community consultation meeting.
  4. October 4, 2023 – Official Community Consultation Meeting held at St. Basil the Great College School.
  5. November 17, 2023 – Applicant appealed the application at 33 Walsh Ave to the Ontario Land Tribunal.


Site Plan Control application for the construction of six residential towers in four separate buildings. The towers are proposed with heights ranging from 14 to 40 storeys and the podiums are proposed with heights ranging from six to 12 storeys. The application also proposes a public park at the corner of Walsh Avenue and Weston Road and a retail component along the Weston Road frontage.


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