44-46 Romfield Dr


Application Number: 23238626WET07OZ
Application Status: Under Review
Milestone Status: Application Submitted
Type: Community planning


The applicant proposes to demolish the existing residential buildings on site and construct two mixed use buildings atop an interconnected podium with retail space fronting Finch Avenue West and Keele Street. 939 residential units are proposed, including 33 rental replacement units. The two proposed towers are 37 stories (123.8 m) and 35 stories (117.3 m) respectively excluding mechanical penthouses with tiered podium heights of 1,5, and 6 stories. The total proposed gross floor area (GFA) is 65,090 sq/m with a 8.62 Floor Space Index (FSI). This includes 64,730 sq/m of residential GFA and 323 sq/m of retail GFA. 432 vehicle parking spaces, 742 bicycle parking spaces, and 2 type "G" loading spaces are proposed. The proposal also includes on-site park dedication of 756 sq/m located at the south end of the site, with frontage on Keele Street, extending west to include frontage also on Romfield Drive. 

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