The Finch West LRT introduces its LRV vehicles

The 10.3 km light rail line is projected to come out in September.


Last week, Finch West LRT introduced its new light rail vehicle interior to the public. With its fresh new seats and bright colours, each vehicle has a total capacity of 144 seated or 300 standing passengers. As it goes through 18 stops and stations, they expect that the trains will arrive every 5 minutes during peak hours. Watch the video below to find out more.

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  • Finch West LRT Update
  • Pollinate TO Grant Recipient: Topcliff P.S. 
  • Curb Lane Cafe Applications
  • 6-Week Youth Mentorship Program

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Ward 7, Humber- River Black Creek

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Community Music of Schools of Toronto launches Yorkwoods location


Had a wonderful time at the Community Music Schools of Toronto event where they announced the naming of the Yorkwoods school after Helen Carswell. The performance of the original piece, "The Great Pause," was truly touching!

Finch West LRT Update

Introducing the new Finch West LRV Vehicles! Convenient, fast, and reliable transit is coming to northwest Toronto with arrivals expected every 5 minutes during peak hours. Take a look inside!

Pollinate TO Grant Recipient: Topcliff P.S. 

Congratulations to one of our local schools, Topcliff P.S. EcoClub for securing the PollinateTO grant! Get ready for a cool project that adds green spaces, teaches us about pollinators, and gets everyone involved! Can’t wait for the project to start blooming.

Curb Lane Cafe Applications

Curb Lane Café applications and renewals are now open! Restaurants, café, and bar owners can apply to request expanded temporary outdoor dining space. Applications close March 1. 

Get patio season ready!

Learn more and apply: 

6-Week Youth Mentorship Program

Starting Jan 31st, every Wednesday, join the 6-week Youth Mentorship Program of the San Romanoway Revitalization Association. Youth ages 12-16, connect with a mentor and boost your confidence! They are also looking for mentors ages 17-29.  For more info email: [email protected]

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