Candlewood, Lamberton, Kennerly, Gambello, Madron

Candlewood, Lamberton, Kennerly, Gambello, Madron 


The work will include:

Removal of build-up from the inside of older watermains, and insertion of a new pipe within the old pipe. Watermain Structural Lining addresses complaints about low water pressure, low water flow or rusty water and also strengthens pipe to extend its service life. Construction includes the excavation of pits to access the inside of the pipe. During construction, water supply is maintained through an above-ground pipe or by-pass. Work may also include the replacement of fire hydrants and water valves. The City-owned portion of substandard water service connections will also be replaced. The property owner is encouraged to replace the private portion of the substandard water service connection, as well.

Contact information:

Field Ambassador
[email protected]
(7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
Monday to Friday,
closed weekends)

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